Debut Single


West Midlands, U.K.

Track title

Throw Away Your Money


D.M.D.B Project

release date

22nd June 2023

throw away your money – d.m.d.b project 

D.M.D.B Project is a new, collaborative project based in the Midlands, UK.

The D.M.D.B Project is run by Dylan Boddy who collaborates with other artists to write and create the live shows.

The idea behind it is to keep the project fresh and have different insights from an array of talents. For this debut single titled “Throw Away Your Money”,  Dylan has written and recorded the song at his home studio, playing all parts himself apart from drums, where he collaborated with local drummer “Ashley Field”

The track was given to “Jordan Humphrey’s” to be mixed and mastered.

The track is based on the theme of having to take on responsibilities that can be seen as mundane and tedious and that maybe it’s sometimes better to let go and live life. This manifests in the idea of going out, spending your money and having a good time.

The track flips between nostalgia of youth and the slog of day-to-day life using imagery of childhood memories that everyone shares through the opening line, “it’s the very first day of summer again you got the windows wide open go as fast as you can, and a nice cold ice cream for you and me, the kids in the playground scream R.I.P”, inviting a comforting memory of breaking up from school in the warm sunshine and having no responsibilities.

The track swiftly changes to a call back to reality, with the line, “life started sooner than you thought it would do, you’re bored and tired aged 22. Your job is stale, your batteries are low, you live for the weekend ‘cus money don’t grow, and I just want to be free.”

This is intended to remind you of the crawl through life, which leads through to the chorus that is telling the listener that life does not need to be a crawl if you just get up and live. The genre is an indie rock style track, inspired by the music of which Dylan grew up with. It also takes up a punk influence at times to encourage the energy of not following the uniform of life. This track has been described as catchy and feel good. When it’s been played in live environments it has had people singing along with the chorus despite having never heard the song before. It is a fun track to kick of the D.M.D.B journey and there are a number of tracks that are in the production process to follow with a variety of themes and emotions.